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LIFT-COMPLEX DS, OOO was founded in 1998 in Novosibirsk city, Russia. It is one of the leaders in the monitoring & diagnostics market of the ex-Soviet space. Its basic trends in activities are development and production of the "Lift Monitoring & Diagnostics System" for all kinds of elevators. This universal monitoring & diagnostics system allows to monitor more than 10 000 000 housing and public utilities bodies (including elevators) from the same call center. Owing to development work and innovations the company succeeded to create an equipment system and software that meet all the requirements of elevator branch and in some projects even move far ahead. In particular, the complex was fitted up with lift video control system and Engineering complex ISTOK that were designed to monitor the engineering systems of buildings.

LIFT-COMPLEX DS, OOO offers its customers different technical solutions that completely suit for a definite object. It is available owing to operation of the "Lift Monitoring & Diagnostics System" with all types of elevators and feasibility of on-line data transmission by any information networks according to the customer’s require.

Our products quality is confirmed by ISO 9001 Certificate.

Owing to the Company’s price policy and the equipment high quality, the "Lift Monitoring & Diagnostics System" has gained a great spread in the monitoring market. This equipment is installed on the elevators and other objects from Vladivostok in the East to Kaliningrad in the West of Russia, as well as in the CIS countries and Europe.