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Lift Monitoring & Diagnostics System

Lift Monitoring & Diagnostics System

Lift Monitoring & Diagnostics System is designed for elevator dispatcher control automation.

In order to secure safety of the elevator that is linked to a dispatcher control device, the Lift Monitoring & Diagnostics System enables transfer of information on:

  • actuation of electrical safety circuitry;
  • unauthorized opening of elevator shaft in the course of normal operation;
  • opening of door (lid) or cover of devices designed to evacuate people from the elevator cab and to conduct dynamic tests of the elevator having no machine room.

In order to secure safety of an elevator that is located on the premises where deliberate damage of elevator equipment is possible, affecting its safety, and when there are measures required to secure such safety, the Lift Monitoring & Diagnostics System provides alarm system that warns of opening doors of machine or modular premises, dry area or door (lid) of lift unit of elevator having no machine room.

When the Lift Monitoring & Diagnostics System is equipped with communication means, then communication is enabled between:

  • machine room and elevator car and/or car roof, machine room and lower level landing or dry area (with topmost location of machine room);
  • machine room and elevator car, machine and modular premises (with lowermost location of machine room);
  • device location and elevator car, dry area (lower landing) and modular premises (without machine room);
  • elevator car an dispatcher room;
  • top of elevator car and dispatcher room;
  • dispatcher room or fire alarm control room (if available) and elevator car as well as with the main elevator entrance floor.

Lift Monitoring & Diagnostics System provides:

  • audio and visual notification of a dispatcher to get engaged in two-way communication;
  • communication between the dispatcher centre and the machine room;
  • identification of incoming signaling (floor and type of signal);
  • standby power supply of lift units 6.0 (local bus);
  • standby power supply of lift units 6.1 PRO (built-in battery);
  • protection of lift units 6.0, local bus controllers and mono-blocks KLSh-KSL against high voltage, thunderbolt strikes or induced impulse overvoltage;
  • protection of equipment against short circuit of with subsequent restoration of output voltage when short circuit has been eliminated;
  • ability to change operating parameters of lift units with the help of service device or remote service device;
  • remote shutdown of elevator from control room on dispatcher’s command;
  • control over serviceability of attached equipment;
  • ability to connect state-of-the-art microprocessor control stations using dispatcher serial line;
  • ability to use various data transfer media between nodal modules of Lift Monitoring & Diagnostics System (wire line, GPRS, 3G), CDMA, Ethernet, Internet, 433 MHz radio channel;
  • modular structure;
  • ability to use one pair of wires as local bus

Additionally, using the Lift Monitoring & Diagnostics System with a PC allows to:

  • present data on display in easy-to-use graphic elements;
  • process, log and store incoming data;
  • log data in the log journal specifying date, time and elevator identifier;
  • record a dispatcher’s talks onto PC hard drive with subsequent replay thereof (using audio cable);
  • make up reports;
  • print out reports (when a printer is available);
  • export log journal in CSV format;
  • identify a service key presented.